SBCC History

The history of the South Belgrave Cricket Club has been maintained since its beginnings in 1933.

Below is a brief summary from the "The History and Records of the Club", which can be viewed in full by using the link below.

SBCC - "The History and Records of the Club" 

The South Belgrave Progress Association got started by establishing the Recreation Reserve in 1925. Originally part of the “Giles Family” farm, they always referred to it as “The Post Paddock”. Whenever they required fence posts they always cut them from this area because of the suitable trees that grew there. It wasn’t fully cleared until the early 1930’s. By 1930 all of the major hills townships had a cricket team with the exception of South Belgrave. Local identity Arthur Elvery was the man who got things started for the club in August 1933.

Prior to World War 2, Arthur Elvery, R. White, Gus Clements and Bob Gray were the main off field contributors to the club. South Belgrave did not affiliate in in the MDCA in 1933/34, but played arranged matches. Competitive cricket was commenced in 1934/35 in the MDCA, in which we lost every match. We were relatively successful after that with 2 semi final and 2 grand final appearances and the highlight being the MDCA B Grade Premiers in 1937/38. Harold Hansford scored our first century.
We reformed after recess for World War 2 in 1945. The club became a real focal point for the local community and held lots of different social activities. We affliated in A grade through the 1940’s and on field success was limited. Charlie Beasley, Claude Crook, George Eagles, Cyril Kirkland were the off field prime movers. On the field George Eagles was a star. The late 1940’s saw the commencement of a great quartet of SBCC Legends Claude Crook, Jack Harrison, Neil Oram and Brian Cordell. They all played through until the late 1970’s.
The 1950’s was a successful period for the club with the addition of a 2nd side and regular semi final and grand final appearances. The highlight of the club’s history to this point is certainly winning the A Grade MDCA Premiership in 1950/51, a real team effort. However, further premierships remained elusive. Claude Crook, Hastings Family, Oram Family, Cordell Family, Harrison Familys were heavily involved in all club on and off the field. The 1950’s saw the club even start to recruit players with the Jack Jones, Peter Miller, Jim Johnson and Les Gordon all making an impact on field. We had under 16’s commence in 1959/60 and we finished the decade with the A Grade minor Premiership.

The 1960’s saw Claude Crook, Jack Harrison, Neil Oram, Clarrie Kneebone, Brian Cordell and Ian Stocks run the club for over 10 years. Some of the MDCA clubs starting moving across to the FTGDCA through the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, putting pressuer on the MDCA to survive. We had semi final appearances most years, with Emerald proving our stumbling block on several occasions. On field, Clarrie Kneebone, Bob Wildes, Brian Cordell, Jack Harrison and Graeme Hancock were stars. We won 2 under 16 premierships 1965/66 and 1966/67. 1967 saw the demise of the MDCA, clubs joining the FTGDCA, YVCA and we joined the DDCA. We recruited several high profile players including Alan Chandler, the Haag Brothers and one of the clubs best ever performers in Gerry Hammond.

We made the semi final in DDCA A Grade in 1970/71, with Gerry Hammond winning comp batting and taking 60 wickets for the season. The reformation of Emerald meant the loss of some better players and the early 1970’s was a struggle to wins games. We ended our DDCA affliation in 1974 joining the FTGDCA. The club recruited Geoff Wright as captain/coach in 1976/77 and he won the Lomax and we won the Premiership, the drought was broken. We had Peter Ballam to the club in 1978/79 and along with recruit Frank Moss another Lomax Medal and Premiership. We entered Nielson Sheild the top grade and formed a 3rd side. The end of the decade saw a changing of the guard the retirements of older faces and the younger faces stepping up.

The 1980’s was an interesting period, trying to stay competitive in the top grade and striving for finals. Frank Moss, Glenn and Brett Oram, Stephen Lee and Craig Neave formed the nucleus of our side. The junior club was growing and thriving producing some good senior cricketers. The Joselands, Philpots and Reids all heavily involved on and off the field. Stephen Lee was a star with bat and ball, winning 4 Feaver Medals and countless club awards. 1988/89 saw an under 16 premiership and the heart breaking draw in the Shield Final. It saw the seniors with a 4th side and up to 5 junior sides at the peak. Also the addition of the lovely place we know as Rae’s Land!

The 1990’s was like a roller coaster with many ups and downs. We started in Shield with 4 sides, loss of players saw us exit the top grade. A rebuild, only to lose the Shield 2 grand final 2 years later. Then a loss of players and finances saw the club on its knees. No players and a massive debt! The younger brigade stepped up again with Stephen Day, Davin Reid, Rich Miller, Darren Ray and Brad Trinnick. Another rebuild saw us back to 3 sides winning the Shield 3 flag in 1994/95 and regular finals appearances through the mid 1990’s. An under 14 flag in 1996/97 a highlight. Then another loss of players and finances saw us end the decade with 2 sides.

The first half of the 2000’s was a rebuilding period for the club on and off the field. Great players being Daniel Maxwell, Darren Ray, Travis Fedley, Ash Hart, Brad Trinnick and young gun Glenn Maxwell. We again won the under 14’s premiership in 2000/01. We were able to win 4 one day premierships in the first half of the decade. The 2nd X1 won their first ever flag in 2004/05. Regular finals appearances for all sides through the 2nd half of the decade, but no more premierships. The Rick Hart / Stuart Alford combination turned around the club on and off the field. Then the Darren Ray / Daniel Maxwell combination followed on their good work. Off field Neil Maxwell and Rick Hart were work horses. We have found the Achilles heel of our club to be its batting, something to improve in the next decade.
Mick McDermott and Billy Ziza have 3 years as president and coach. The club gains several major sponsors, and has new playing shirts to
suit. The decade begins with an U/15-2 Premiership in 2011/12 and Glenn Maxwell making his test debut for Australia! Season 2012/13 was a successful one with 2nds and U/17’s winning flags and 3 other teams making finals.